Reduce Reuse Resist

by Voice Of Addiction



A driving punk rock n roll fury taking on political and social contemporary issues


released July 14, 2011

Ian Tomele & V.o.A. LLC



all rights reserved


Voice Of Addiction Chicago, Illinois

Voice Of Addiction are politically charged and socially conscious Chicago based punk-rockers. V.o.A. has been around over a decade doing 1,200 shows across the U.S. & Canada. Having 5 official releases & independently selling 6,500 physical copies these boys have proven they are a force to be reckoned with. Both a new full-length album & a feature length documentary are due to be released in 2017. ... more


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Track Name: Wrecking Ball
You're so wound up gotta go out and explode,
You woke up late again rolled out the wrong side of the bed,
Why's this always happening to me,
Evertime I walk these streets they're picking fights with all us freaks,
They all want me to explode Just like a Wrecking Ball,
Can't stand your lousy job another shitty meeting with the bobs,
Pushing your back against the wall.
Woke up there's nothing to do go out picking fights with the zoo.
They all want you to explode!
Track Name: Constant Pollution
First heard this story when I was 8 they started a war in a desert half a world away.
And then the Father had a son Privatize! Privatize! till it's gone.
We don't need regulations We don't need saftey nets.
How can anyone act surprised As the future's ending before our eyes.
Guilty, guilty as charged!
Same old story once again Its a game pass the blame.
Figureheads and administrations, The IMF and Corporations.
They're more concerned with the financial side of things, Cap it off! Cap it off! for good.
Can't you see our mother's pissed Reduce Reuse Resist!
They all are guilty, We all are guilty.
Track Name: September Remembered
Lets stop pointing fingers and stop calling names You know our sins were forgiven 2000 years ago,
But we've all forgotten our history's only miseries What was lost and forgotten those last and fateful days.
You'll never extinguish the fire Cuz september is remembered as the best days of my life,
Bombs were exploding as people revolting Nobody gets out of here alive tonight.
Lets all raise our hands and make sure that they count We've all got our opinions that they can't take away,
Though they'll try and contest as we struggle Why can't we all live equally. Just have to see to believe.
Track Name: Jo-C
My head hits the pavement but it's not over Adrenaline prefacing redison's,
Debating the reasons of past lives believing,
Voice of Addiction to deal with their systems Together remember.
You'll never drink alone Relive our histories they were boughten and sold.
Can't even sing along cuz you don't have a voice.
Not just a reaction to the reactionary a justification Of the desecration of the status,
Gotta stand up or we'll wind up in the same old situations again.
Track Name: Mother
A broken shell with tectonic plates We've landed our mission to decide why nothings living.
Fossilized in carbon footprints Our analysis makes no difference nothing here could of ever been born.
No Lesson Has been learned cuz noone reacts until they can't return, Let the cities flood and the forests burn.
It's easy to see what was the matter a place thats plauged by natural disasters.
Race hell-bent on self destruction Pre-emptive symptoms of their annihilation.
Past the point to adapt or defend Put profits before people capital and dividends.
We should learn lessons from our past Bombed out and depleted we're left scavenging for feelings.
You pulled the last straw you start the last war, Mother earth has purged its disease.
From the waste and consumption to the lives we lead.
Track Name: Warriors
Jumped up on the stage and grabbed a microphone But is there anybody listening.
It's just a soundtrack to a generation we keep singing!
We're just fighting for survival cuz we're the warriors!
Not gonna be the nine to fivers, Won't place my hands upon your bible,
And we've got nothing to lose.
Only thing different is our names We're all just trying to play their game.
Hold on take a break forgot to rehearse.
Tell me is it better or is it worse To think of my friends to put them first.
Who am I trying to impress while I just keep singing.
Track Name: Decision Street
It starts when you're very young Indoctrinate create the norm with, you!
Keep taking your pretty pills till what you own consumes you!
So you want to play it loud wanna stand out from the crowd.
Will you make it through the night Are you ready for the fight.
And then temptation comes your way Your morals your values seem to wash away.
Can't even walk down decision street Don't know what the fuck is wrong with me.
I don't want to give it up this soon Start me on the bottle can't be taken away!
Keep persisting keep resisting Don't let them take control of, you!
Can't we wait another second Just to hear the populations, choice!
Wanna jump up off the ground Wanna Stomp your feet make a sound.
We've Gotta close it out tonight Gotta start shit up show the people that were thinking.
Track Name: Need To Feed
She called me late last night there was a tremble in her voice
She said the game is on better watch your tone,
We both have the same disease that keeps us helpless.
It's 4 o'clock my lungs just stopped they bring me straight to my knees
I Just need to feed tonight to make me feel alright,
Can't you see my need to feed then walking down the road,
You and me share the same memories just keep walking down the road,
Got the need to feed and I'm never going back I'll hold out for my heart attack,
We wear our own disguise to lead these vicious lives,
But the foundations rot and are shaking,
We need new discourse we must embrace new ideals,
Till the bounds from my shackles are breaking.
Track Name: U're All Crazy
I'm drunk again but it's too early for the sun The battle was won in the night.
I can't stand up without falling down again As history keeps repeating.
We're told it's the only solution pollution of the airwaves Keep on spewing propaganda machine.
I don't wanna listen but they'll tell me anyways How we should believe without evidence,
We should invade without a preci-dense Politicians shut up and fall in line.
Driving around in your fancy cars You're all crazy You wouldn't give it up, up for anything.
Sucking up the air till you've had enough you're all lazy.
Does our story end or does it just depend On a world to grow up and take responsibility.
Are we waiting for the sun to set forever Or are we praying for a higher place to go,
Are we drinking to a brave new tomorrow for our sons.
Just keep choking on these smokestacks praying that we'll get her back someday.
Track Name: System Control
Cannot take the pressure we don't need system control!
As I trek down this road heading nowhere conversations runnin stale.
Noone wins only lose more slowly two steps forward then two back again
Can't take these cities set to decay Social deprivation put on you and me.
Hard to live through another day I don't want to listen won't be locked inside your cage.
All fall down! You critisize what you despise, what you despise you cannot hide.
But through it all we remain strong, we stick together we sing a long we're united!
Track Name: 45 Revolutions
I'm going Hungry living on colt 45 Revolutions spinning round my mind.
But we're never able to surrender to the situations on the airwaves.
Spit it out I don't need anything for less then it's worth.
Together we'll build a new tomorrow Lets start lets start today.
But we'll never be able to take away the mistakes of yesterday.
Rocking ride on impaling through the night We take the wrong left and we all Must Die!
Track Name: Bombs Away
I'll burn down your bridges the next time I come into your town.
And you'll go running scared the children they were at school.
But nobody ask too many questions Like who what why when or how.
How come nobody cares about what is happening to your town.
While your sitting there half on fire wondering what you did.
But if we open up our eyes we might find to our surprise No More!
I'll burn down your palace and then I'll tear down all its walls.
Finally raise some questions about what has been ignored.
Until we look up to the skies and we finally realize No More!
Track Name: Need Change
We set our sails straight for the kids in the next town The Voice Of Addiction's calling me.
Ventured through mountains and valleys and fell in the sea.
Warriors of the scene, we've got a need to feed you know we ain't ever gonna claim defeat.
45 revolutions in the street.
It's not about remembering the names It's not about the ones who got the fame.
It's all about believing we can change It's all about survival we need a change.
Bombs away the rich attack the population reduce reuse resist.
They've got the wrecking ball on our dreams.
Constant pollution we need some solutions my mother's getting angry at me.
When will we reach decision street.